Flushby Unit Working

At D.L.M. Oilfield Enterprises Ltd., we provide a diverse offering of oilfield services to major heavy oil producers in the greater Bonnyville, Cold Lake, Elk Point, Frog Lake, Lloydminster and Wabasca areas in northern Alberta. We utilize an extensive asset base of over 80+ pieces of well-maintained heavy equipment including Flushbys, Pressure trucks, Semi-vacs, Bodyjob-vacs, Fluid Haulers, Service Rig, Coil Tubing Units, Steamer-vacs and Steamers. We also offer Supplied Breathing Air Services, accompanied with a full team of labors for door pulls and/or tank inspections. All our Pressure trucks, Flushbys, Semi-vacs, Bodyjob-vacs, Fluid Haulers, Service Rig, Coil tubing Units Steamer-vacs, and Steamers have the latest certifications, pressure tests with up to date manuals, procedures, SDS, and client specific material to meet all your industry needs. We pride ourselves in the ability to provide a wide range of oilfield services for conventional production and SAGD facilities in the surrounding areas. Our employees are experienced and diverse, with the flexibility to operate multiple types of equipment from Flushbys to Pressure trucks, from Semi-vacs to Bodyjob-vacs and even to Steamer-vacs. We are focused on providing industry leading customer service, safely and sustainably for the future.